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Frequently Asked Questions



How long should I wait after an accident or loss before consulting a lawyer?

You should not wait. There are many laws respecting the time limits you may have to start a claim. Claiming accident benefits and investigating how an accident happened are all critical to your claim. Call and talk to us at Sokoloff Lawyers to discuss what your time limits are and how to take the next step.

My Insurance Company Mentioned the Phrase “Catastrophic Injury." What is a Catastrophic Injury and How Can I Apply for Benefits?

A catastrophic injury has many categories and is quite complicated. You need to speak with a lawyer at Sokoloff Lawyers so we can better determine if you are eligible, and if so, ensure you receive the full benefit. If you meet the definition of catastrophic injury (sometimes referred to as catastrophic impairment), you are then eligible for $1 million in attendant care benefits and $1 million of medical rehabilitation benefits in addition to ongoing entitlement to other benefits. Even if you do not meet the definition immediately, Sokoloff lawyers can assist in ensuring you will meet the definition at a later date.

My Mother Sustained a Brain Injury Last Year. She Thinks She is Fine but our Family Clearly Notices Major Changes in Her Memory, Judgment and Personality. What Should We Do?

The symptoms that you observe tell us that your mother has a head injury. It is very common for someone with such an injury not to realize its severity or impact. It is very important that you talk with us at Sokoloff Lawyers to find out how to get your mother immediate assistance from specialized treatment providers and supervision from attendant care workers. She could be entitled to a generous amount of money from her insurance company.

Ever Since My husband’s Accident Last Year, he has Suffered From Dizzy Spells and Balance Issues, as well as Anxiety and Depression. He Cannot be Left Alone. What Can I do?

You or any family member providing supervision should be paid for your services. Sokoloff Lawyers can help get you paid by arranging the proper assessments.

My Wife had an Accident and Can No Longer Take Care of our Children or Do housekeeping Chores. Do we have a Claim?

Yes, housewives are eligible for non-earner and /or care giving benefits in addition to housekeeping assistance. You need to make an appointment with Sokoloff Lawyers to find out how to make this kind of claim.

My father thought that his insurance policy covered him for long term disability. But last month he was injured and even though his doctor says he is not able to work, the insuance company is denying his claim. He does not speak English. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, talk with us at Sokoloff Lawyers. We can sue his long term disability carrier. We have years of experience and results in this area. We also can communicate with your father in his language (we have over 30 languages at our firm).

I had a bad accident. Although I recovered somewhat I am still left with problems and haven’t been able to return to my job. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, you can make claims for income loss, not just in the past but also for the future as well as for your pain and suffering. Sokoloff Lawyers can set you up with a vocational expert that will either assist you in identifying alternative careers that you might be able to do, or obtain necessary medical reports from experts so that you can obtain full compensation for loss of income into the future.